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Benefits of Builders Showcase Magazine

PROOF POSITIVE. For 19 years, Caveman Productions has received excellent testimonials from our builders and developers. In fact, Builders Showcase Magazine has been so successful, we have retained many of the same advertisers that started with us during our first year of publishing. Whether you are a small builder looking to find your place in the market, or are well established with a desire to fine-tune and reduce your advertising costs, we can help.

USE A RIFLE, NOT A SHOTGUN. Before Builders Showcase Magazine was established in the market, many of you had little choice but to get your advertising message out through local newspaper advertising. This advertising vehicle has two inherent flaws when it pertains to a major-purchase item like a new home. PRICE and APPROACH. In order to reach a mass audience, you have to pay the price. But why should you pay to reach hundreds of thousands of people when you are only interested in reaching a very small fraction of these readers?

Let’s face it – on average, fewer than 8,000 people will build a new home each year in our market. Why not focus your message on those individuals who are most interested in your products and services? Unlike the old “shotgun” approach, advertising in Builders Showcase targets your advertising dollars like never before. Our magazine is picked up by thousands of families currently interested in building or buying a newly constructed home. By advertising in Builders Showcase, you avoid wasting money marketing to individuals who have no interest in your product or service.

REACH HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF FOCUSED BUYERS. Builders Showcase Magazine is FREE to our readers and is distributed directly to our e-subscribers email box. Best of all, it is available 24/7 at and is easily downloaded in full or just a page at a time. The magazine is a new issue every month, so you get the extended exposure of a magazine format, rather than the one-day-only hit of a newspaper.

WHY WAIT. Builders Showcase Magazine is the ONLY advertising medium that was created just for you. With more than 100 consistent builders and developers for nearly 20 years, there is no better proof we can offer you of how well Builders Showcase works. The continued commitment of your peers is the ULTIMATE TESTIMONIAL!

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