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We have your niche covered. No experimenting. Hundreds of referrals delivered at your convenience.

From Television Niche to All Digital, Black Raven Media LLC can save you time and money.

Builders Showcase TV Advertisement Opportunity

Builders Showcase TV has been the resource for advertising homes and building experts in Milwaukee and Madison for over 15 years. We have multiple advertising packages available to get you and your company on air in your budget.

Our home and builder advertisement specialists come up with innovative ways to make your company a success.

Industry Expert Interview Segments & Video Tours

Web videos are an increasingly popular way to showcase your home or building company. We will help you create interesting videos that are not only great on TV, they are ideal for YouTube as well.

Builders Showcase will provide everything from script writing to videoing and final editing. Our special interview segments and development tours have been a success for our advertisers. Clients from Builders Showcase report over 3x more business than advertising in the newspaper alone.

Milwaukee Home and Industry Expert Television

Builders Showcase is featured on the coveted 9:00 AM slot on Sunday mornings on Fox 6.

Being featured on one of the most popular news stations in Milwaukee has ensured we attract a large target audience for the show. We provide special rates for air time and can track advertisers’ responses.

Become part of Builders Showcase and see what we can do for you. We advertise not only houses, but also industry experts like remodelers and landscapers.

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Black Raven Media LLc has been advertising home builders and developers in the Milwaukee area for over 20 years. Our magazine has retained almost all of the advertisers that were with us from year one, even through the recession, because it has been such a success.

Builders Showcase Magazine is perfect for any home construction or remodeling business, large or small. Our advertising packages are tailored to your needs and will fit your budget.

Reach Your Target Audience

Newspapers used to be the only way to advertise your home or remodeling company in Milwaukee and Madison and Fox Cities. The price of your product or service and advertising approaches are vital to being successful. Builders Showcase helps you reach the people you want at the price you want.

Instead of spending thousands on a marketing campaign for a very particular audience, narrow your approach to target those who are really interesting in buying or building a new home. You will see a greater result that costs much less.

Don’t waste money marketing to people who have no interest in your services or product. Choose Builders Showcase.

Digital Home Builder Magazine

Builders Showcase keeps up with the times to make sure you reach as many potential clients as possible. Our magazine is available free on our website 24/7 and is distributed to subscribers via email. A new issue is available every month, and is available for download on the website.

Advertise Your Home or Company Today

The Builders Showcase Magazine has over 100 builders and developers who are incredibly satisfied with our advertising capabilities. We can tailor our advertisements to you, so you don’t have to worry about budget being an issue.

Call Builders Showcase today for more information at (262) 989-0604.