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Every Saturday morning, pour yourself a cup of coffee and settle in to watch Builders Showcase TV. Broadcast at 9 am on WITI FOX 6, discover who the top home builders and the top remodeling companies are in southeastern Wisconsin.

Our weekly television show features the most current information on numerous builders, building plans, lots, land, and subdivisions. Find out what’s at the forefront of the industry in everything from landscaping, architecture, energy efficiency, buying the perfect lot, saving money, decorating, to learning about new products for building ‘green’, smart and affordable floor plans, and so much more.

Learn who to hire to help you with your remodeling project, whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, finish your basement, or simply install new windows. Meet area custom home builders and determine who would best make your dream home a reality. Builders Showcase TV is the perfect place to start!

Builders Showcase TV will guide you through the buying, building, or remodeling process anywhere in southeastern Wisconsin. Whether you are serious about building, gathering ideas for a future remodeling project, or just want to see great floor plans, we are your one-stop link to the best home building, remodeling, and home improvement companies.

Builders Showcase Television offers informative and educational segments and vignettes on home builders, remodeling companies, and home improvement. Tour builder models, walkthrough subdivisions, view remodeling projects, and learn who those industry experts are – all in one place and right from the comfort of your couch. Our host, Lori Minneti will take you there every Saturday morning at 9 am on FOX 6!

Even better, if you miss an episode, you can watch Builders Showcase TV streaming online every week.