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Builders Showcase Provides Platform to Feature New Homes and Remodeling Projects with Safety in Mind.
Milwaukee, WI September 30, 2020- In conjunction with Builders ShowcaseBlack Raven Media is excited to announce its hosting of online Virtual Tours.
 “Our Virtual Tours will not only feature the best Home Builders from throughout southeastern Wisconsin, but we will also showcase virtual tours of high-quality home remodelers as well,” stated Pamela Couse, sales director for Builders Showcase.
During this time of COVID-19, savvy home builders and remodelers realize that taking part in standard home tours and open houses is just part of the equation. Many builders realize in light of the pandemic, some prospects may not want to physically tour their model homes and now see virtual tours becoming a major player in their new norm.
“We’ve witnessed an accelerated sales cycle as a result of prospects being able to focus on the buying decision because of spending more time at home,” said Debra Lopez, President of Builders Showcase.
“Also, more people are looking at their residences with a very critical eye. More than ever, they see what needs to be updated, changed, or expanded to make their home more comfortable and functional,” she added.
Virtual tours are user friendly and make the buying process more efficient. After viewing a variety of homes online, a customer can contact the builder or remodeler directly from the tour. The builder and the potential client can then discuss options and design the perfect solution for their family’s needs.
Finally, a Virtual Tour will allow families to look at new homes and remodeling designs whenever convenient. Whether at 6 am, 2 am, or 10 pm, you can view as many homes as you’d like, for as long as you’d like, as many times as you’d like.
Are virtual tours here to stay? Most experts say yes.
According to a recent LendingTree survey, 50% of home buyers say they will buy a new home within the next 12 months due to the outbreak of Covid-19 with low-interest rates cited as the main reason. About 25% said they would also purchase a new home soon with the money they could save during the pandemic.
Lending Tree also discovered that 3 out of 10 prospects shopping for a new home would purchase a home without a physical walk-through as another U.S. survey noted 73 percent of first-time buyers are likely to buy virtually as well.
In business for over 2 decades, Builders Showcase has garnered thousands of viewers, readers and online followers; not to mention their “hit” television show where they market the tours in addition to the strategic marketing and advertising they do to attract prospects for the home building and remodeling industry.
Whether you’re thinking of building your dream home or pondering a remodeling project, Builders Showcase encourages everyone to go online at where you can view various beautiful home designs and some fantastic remodeling projects all in one place and from the comfort of your own home.
Some of the featured home builders and remodeling companies participating in the tour include:
  • Joseph Douglas Homes
  • Barenz Builders
  • Anderson Homes
  • MasterCraft Builders
  • Jewell Homes
  • Cobblestone Builders
  • Douglas Kent Developers
  • SCI Real Estate
  • Halen/Harbor Homes
  • Highpoint Design Builders Group
  • 2nd Life Home Repair
  • High-Quality Contractors
  • GMH Construction
  • The QRS Group
  • SJ Janis Co.
  • Highpoint Design Builders Group
2020 Virtual Tour of Home Builders and Remodelers
Visit the Builders Showcase 2020 Fall Virtual Tour of Home Builders and Remodeling projects. The Tours are free to the public by clicking on
For more information regarding the 2020 Fall Virtual Tour of Home Builders and Remodelers, please contact us at Black Raven Media LLC or by calling us at 262-989-0604.
Debra Lopez
Author: Debra Lopez