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The best, fastest, and most efficient way to find home builders, home improvement companies, and home-related products and services is by viewing Builders Showcase and Remodeling Magazine. (It’s fun, too!) The magazine is FREE and is distributed directly to your email box.

Whether you’re dreaming of building a custom home, hoping to make some improvements to your current place, or just looking for some decorating ideas, Builders Showcase Magazine is online and is all digital for your convenience. Best of all, it’s available 24/7 and is easily downloaded in full or just one page at a time. Whether it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon or two in the morning, you can review our magazine any time you want!

On every cover, Builders Showcase Magazine features a different home builder from the southeastern Wisconsin area. Each issue includes lots of photos and floor plans of custom homes and model homes, subdivisions, remodeling projects, and expert home-related product and service companies. Be introduced to a variety of builders and contractors. Review their skills and expertise to help you get to know the various businesses you may potentially hire.

Every issue of the magazine includes the latest trends in home building and remodeling. Find out what’s new in everything from landscaping, architecture, energy efficiency, buying the perfect lot, saving money, decorating, to the innovative products for building ‘green’, smart and affordable floor plans, and so much more. And each edition has more updates, fresh ideas, and pertinent information!

No matter your budget, lifestyle, or timeline, the latest information all about home builders, remodeling companies, and related industries is delivered directly to you. Builders Showcase Magazine highlights a wide range of homes, lots, floor plans, and renovation ideas to spark your imagination.