Google’s Mobile-First Indexing: How Will It Affect Your Business?

Google Mobile SearchWhat device do you use to do your Google searches?

The answer to that question has changed greatly over the last 5 years. There was a point in time when consumers would sit at their computer and do research about businesses. With smartphones and tablets becoming so prevalent, most searches are coming from your mobile device of choice. Whether you’re walking around or sitting on the couch at home, when you need to do a web search, you grab your phone or tablet.

Google is well aware of the public’s change in searching habits. To reflect this change in search behavior, Google is going to roll out a new way to index websites. Google will soon go to “mobile-first” indexing. That means they’re going to look at mobile sites instead of desktop sites when ranking their search results. This is huge news for businesses that hope to rank high on Google.

Why is Google going mobile-first?

A mobile version of your company’s website is critical. Digital Marketing experts have been preaching this for years. If your business just has a website optimized for desktop viewing, it’s almost impossible to navigate from a smartphone. With most people using their phones for web searches, this alienates the majority of potential customers. That’s why your business NEEDS a mobile-optimized website.

Now, it’s becoming even more important as Google has said they’re going to ONLY look at the mobile versions of websites when ranking them. Google understands that a majority of their web searches are coming from mobile devices and wants to ensure that their users are sent to websites that are mobile-optimized. While Google has said in the past that they tend to give companies with better mobile sites a better ranking, this is just the final word on the subject. If you don’t have a mobile-optimized site, you will be negatively affected.

How does “mobile-first” affect your business?

So, now that Google is beginning to implement this change to their indexing, what does that mean to your business? Unfortunately, for those companies that have waited to have a mobile-optimized website, your ranking will suffer. Your business needs a mobile site, and it needs one NOW. If your business has already implemented a mobile-optimized website, then you’re on the right track.

However, it’s important that you update both versions of the site to have the same content. If you’re concerned that your mobile website isn’t updating at the same time as your desktop site, then you might need to speak with a marketing expert who can provide a solution, such as responsive web design.

Is your business prepared for mobile-first indexing?

We understand that you care about your business. As a business owner or manager, it’s in your best interest to understand how your website ranks on the largest search engine. That’s why it’s recommended that no matter what, you take the time to do a proper website audit to ensure you’re ready for this change.

That means your business needs a responsive website design. This means that your website automatically adjusts it’s layout depending on the device viewing it. The information, graphics, and basic look will all be the same, but it’ll automatically optimize itself based on whether you view it on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

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