Remodeling Minute

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$399./Mo*. requires a 6-month commitment (Invoiced monthly). 

*Your 1 Minute segment Does not include using our show host. If you wish to use our host, please Add a $300 one-time fee. You may use your own representative or employee to host your spot or go with a just voice over.

Includes production of the 1-minute segment.

*Add $100 per month for social postings on 4 of our social media platforms (8 inclusions per month.)

*Add $100. per month for us to advertise your segment on Facebook.

*Add $100. per month to be included in the Remodeling Section of our digital magazine with a 1/2 page ad and link to your 1 Minute segment.

*Add a one-time fee of  $150 to use of your video segment on your website, social media, etc.

Contact Pamela at: 678-234-0021

or Debra at 262-989-0604.

Secure your spot here! All payments must be made prior to production.

Limited Availability.

Remodeling Minute

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