Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

The winter weather can be tough on your home, even when it’s a mild winter, like we had this year. That means, as the weather warms, you should take a look at your home to see if there are any issues that came about during those harsh winter months. Here is a quick checklist that every home owner should look over for Spring.

1. Check your roof

Perhaps the most important maintenance tip for Spring is to check your roof for any damage from the winter weather. Even in more mild winters, cold weather and snow can damage your shingles and create leaks. While they don’t seem like a major issue now, but roof damage could lead to incredibly expensive maintenance issues down the line.

2. Look at the foundation

Inspecting your foundation isn’t the most glamorous jobs, but it needs to be done. Cracks in your foundation can lead to massive bills, and winter weather is known to cause many issues with foundations. Also, be on the lookout for pooling water spots around your home. Any low spots could collect water, which can cause damage as well as become a place for insects to thrive.

3. Clean your windows

Windows get beat up during the winter months. When the sun starts to come out and warm up, it’s a great idea to just have those windows sparkly clean! The sunshine can come through as well as making your home look nice to passersby.

4. Check window seals

As mentioned in the previous section, windows are definitely casualties of the winter storms. Not just aesthetically, but also in a more serious way. As Spring approaches, it’s important to check the seals and caulking in your windows. Little gaps in your window seals can lead to higher energy bills as air passes through. Plus, it’s a fairly easy fix, so it’s well worth your time!

5. Inspect walkways and your driveway

Similar to the issues surrounding your foundation, walkways and driveways get beaten up during winter. The same way roads are destroyed by snow and the products used to make them drivable, your driveways and walkways suffer the same fate. Salt treatments and large amounts of snow can lead to cracks, which are not only eye sores, they also can lead to larger maintenance down the line.