The Rising Trend Of “Design-Build” Remodeling

Design-Build RemodelingIn most home remodeling projects, the client works with a designer who comes up with the plans. Those plans are then sent over to the builder (or multiple contractors) who will then perform the work. Unfortunately, due to the disconnect with the two steps, there are openings for the end product to not be exactly what you envisioned. Wouldn’t a remodeling project be simple if you talked to a designer and explained your wants and needs, then they went off and made it happen? That’s the philosophy behind “design-build” remodeling.

What is “design-build” remodeling?

In “design-build” remodeling, the person who works with you to design the project is the same person who then implements the designs and does the work. It’s one stop shopping for a client. It’s a complete “turn-key” approach to home remodeling. If done correctly, the client can be 100% satisfied with the work, and not worry about the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors.

Benefits of “design-build” remodeling

As a homeowner, your job shouldn’t be to play mediator. Unfortunately, with some remodeling projects, you have to be the middle person between your designer and builder. With “design-build,” you don’t have to be concerned with that.

Another major benefit is the idea that a designer might not be fully equipped to look at an existing structure and decide what would make it better. There might be underlying issues that a builder is better suited to see. However, the opposite is also true, the builder isn’t equipped to help make design choices for the homeowner like a designer would be able to. Having both designer and builder in one would eliminate that problem.

Finally, if there is any issue during the remodel, you won’t have the finger pointing between the multiple parties involved. The remodeler is the same company as the designer, so they worked together to come up with the plans. There’s no one to point the finger at.

When beginning a large home renovation, it’s important to understand all your options. A “design-build” remodeler might be the best opportunity for you to achieve the remodel of your dreams.